Dedication of Katsbaan's Historic Pipe Organ "Goliath"
November 6, 2014

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2014 Dedication Service Program

(Dana Hull ~ Richard Hamar ~ Barbara Owen)

(Dana Hull ~ Richard Hamar ~ Barbara Owen ~ Janice Trevail ~ Gene Trevail)

Update on Katsbaan's Historic Pipe Organ

June, 2010

This update is long overdue, but please know that the work is still progressing on "Goliath". Richard Hamar has been working on extensive restoration projects in other parts of the country over these many months. He was finally able to return to Katsbaan in November of last year, when he delivered and installed the blower that he had located for us. He was here again for brief visits this past April and May, to bring back portions of the organ casework and re-orient himself on the work to be completed.

Richard's focus has been on the organ's wooden case. Much of the work has required gluing, which he wasn't able to begin until this spring, since his workshop is unheated, and gluing requires warmer temperatures. There were also many pieces that needed to be fabricated as well. Gene Trevail has been assisting Richard, repairing portions of the original case and making new panels. Much of this casework must be in place before the placement of the pipes. Richard hopes to have our organ completed by the end of this year!!

Thank you & God bless you for your patience and your support!

(photo taken June, 2010)

July, 2008
by Janice M. Trevail

We were thrilled to have Richard Hamar return to Katsbaan once in April & twice in May. He has made tremendous progress with "Goliath".

Documentation has shown that Strong's organ came with a cremona (a unique set of pipes designed to create a sound similar to a clarinet). At some point after the organ left New York City, the cremona was removed and never replaced. Richard had a set (circa 1849) that was taken to A. David Moore in Vermont. Mr. Moore did extensive work to restore these pipes, including having to create his own castings, and Richard created a rack board to replace the one that was missing.

These photos tell the story of the progress that has been made:

Richard Hamar

Cremona Rack Board Created by Richard


Before (above-2007) and after (below) Richard's recent visits.
The changes seem subtle, but they're very significant.


3 views of the work that has been done
on and around the manuals (keyboards):




We look forward to Richard's return during the summer to continue the task of re-assembling as well as proceeding with work on the exterior (cabinetwork). We're also looking forward to the rest of the team (Dana Hull & Barbara Owen) coming to Katsbaan sometime in August.

We again applaud their efforts on behalf of our historic pipe organ. It's wonderful to know that we're slowly but surely getting closer to completing this restoration.

We are continuing to seek funding to help reach our goal, which is to have this historic pipe organ completely restored in time for the 300th anniversary of the Katsbaan Reformed Church in 2010.

If you are able to send a donation, checks made payable to "Katsbaan Reformed Church Organ Fund" may be sent to: Katsbaan Organ Restoration Project, c/o Janice M. Trevail, 1866 High Falls Road, Catskill, NY 12414-5411.

Once the restoration process has been completed, everyone will receive an invitation to the recital that will be held to honor this very special instrument.

Please take a moment to pray for the success of this project.

Thank You and God Bless You!

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